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Boutique Champion Bootcamp (online) and Starter Kit

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Next bootcamp kicks off on August 1st. 

Do you currently have a boutique, fashion or style brand and you're not seeing the profits you want to see from it? 

Do you want to start or grow an online or brick and mortar boutique? Hair, clothes, candles,  jewelry, tshirts, shoes, hair, makeup, accessories, men's, children's, mommy and me etc.  The possibilities are endless!

Do you need actionable strategies on branding, marketing, networking, and more? 

Do you want to turn spectators into buyers, into customers, and then into clients? 

Are you wanting to start a boutique, fashion or style brand but are all over the place and need a winning strategy to succeed? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions you need this program! Learn from our 13+ years of experience. Guest speakers will  be coming in to help with other things as well like hiring a team, accounting strategies, expansion, and more.


Proven steps on setting your boutique up correctly with everything from your business structure, your sales funnel, to tax setup, your name, brand colors etc. Help with marketing, branding, advertising, sales strategies and so much more to put you on top of your boutique game. 

Funding information to include vendors that offer net 30 and net 60 terms. You will receive a verified vendor list to use for ordering. By going through the program, you will also have access to our Style Retreats all over the world including trips to the garment districts for inventory curation. 

1 boutique champion training/question and answer every week (4 week program), homework modules, a workbook with all the steps outlined, strategies and techniques to implement immediately. Replays will be available.

Access to information on apps, tools, books, and websites needed to grow. Downloadables to make your own ebook/freebie. Access to private supportive Facebook group for collaboration and networking. 

Comes with a certificate of completion, a graduate sip, style and socialize event (optional), access to our brand style curator for a one on one and, and a starter kit of items to sell. The kit is valued at over $200.00. It may include different things based on what your brand is. You will use the tips and techniques, skills and strategies learned in the class to sell your kit. Whoever sells their kit the fastest will win a cash prize. 

No refunds. No charge backs.