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2022 Affirmation Magazine Cover Template and Goal Manifestation Check

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We took our vision boards in a different direction this year. We made it into an affirmation magazine cover that we can see all the time (on our desktop, phone lock screen, printed out, etc). Mine is the picture you see in this product.

It's made as the year in review. So on there we put all the things that we will accomplish in 2022. When the year is over we will look back at it and see it all come to fruition. 

There will be a download button on the checkout screen and will also be emailed to you.

This template can be edited in Canva. (MAKE A COPY FIRST BEFORE EDITING AND EDIT THE COPY) You can change the colors, add your picture and the things you want to accomplish. There's also a space for your social media and website at the bottom. Rearrange the things as you see fit and delete the extra ones if you don't use them all. When you get ready to download from canva, download as a PNG and download one page at a time (the check and the magazine cover)

After changing it to your specifications put it somewhere you'll see it everyday so you know what you're working towards. Tag us in a pic @jchiclifestyle when you get it done so we can affirm with you! 

This also includes template to write your affirmation check to yourself. You write in the income you want to make in 2022. I've included an example of mine as well.