The Story Behind JCHIC

JCHIC LifeStyle Brand/JCHIC Style Studio (formerly JenUinely Chic Boutique) was founded in 2012 by Jenni "StyleFairy" Graham. She has loved all things fashion and style since she can remember drawing ball gowns and 2 piece skirt suits she wanted to design on her notebook paper (much to her mom's dismay lol). She has always been stylish and has a flair that has people from all walks of life coming to her for fashion advice. She used to go thrifting all the time and take pieces and reconstruct them to her liking. Her mom is a master seamstress and still sews to this day. Jenni definitely got her love of fashion and style honestly!

JCHIC stands for JenUinely Chic. This name means being true to yourself, jenuine (spelled like the first 3 letters of her name), and chic all at the same time. The brand is all about all things style! As Jenni used to shop in stores, she never saw exactly what she was looking for. Everything looked the same and there was a lack of style and flair. She started out with the boutique side of the business, where she traveled the world to find vendors that embodied the high fashion and major style she was known for. 

That evolved into the custom side of things, where she started designing and making her own custom designs. The reason for this is she wanted to remain true to her style, yet provide a customized experience for each client. Each piece from the JCHIC Custom Collection is made with the specific client in mind and made to their measurements. No 2 pieces are the same and that's how we like it at JCHIC!

We offer boutique and custom made clothing (including formal, prom, and wedding attire) wardrobe styling, personal shopping, closet organization, home/office decor, model coaching, and creative direction. We also plan, host and MC fashion/style events and set up as vendors for various events nationwide.  We have an onsite seamstress, designer, and wardrobe stylist ready to take your style to the next level! Jenni is also available for speaking engagements and has a Boutique Champion Coaching program to show others how to open and run successful boutiques.

We have been featured on Fox 13 news, ABC 24 News, News Channel 5, and various media/social media outlets. We have been featured on the Hollywood Divas TV Show, in Essence and Ebony Magazine, on many celebrities, and on the lady that looks just like you and I. We have participated in countless fashions shows and vendor events, even out of the country!

Tall, short, slim, curvy, stylish, and not so much we can take care of you! Don't leave out the men and children in your life because we offer custom clothes, personal shopping , wardrobe styling, and closet overhauls for them as well!!

Welcome to JCHIC! Live the Life You Deserve in Style!